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Which authorities should employees turn to in case they have a question?


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Labour centres acting in a county’s government offices

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Budapest Capital Government Office, Employment Department


  • Address: 1082 Budapest, Kisfaludy u. 11.
  • Mailing Address: 1364 Bp., Pf.: 244.
  • Central telephone: 477-5700
  • Central fax: 477-5800

Violation of labour law

Labour inspectorates of county government offices

Labour inspectorates acting in the county’s government offices – with the exceptions of the legality of labour relation termination and compensation cases – can essentially inspect every compliance of labour law, and in case of violation, they can impose a fine on the offending employer.

Labour authorities themselves decide if they begin a procedure in a given case. Statements can be anonymous, but it is important to be exactly definable against which employer the complaint was made (name, seat), and what the assumed violation is.

If the employee demands financial compensation, turn to the county’s administrative and labour courts.



Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala III. Kerületi Járási Hivatal Munkavédelmi és Munkaügyi Főosztály; Munkaügyi Ellenőrzési Osztály


Violation of labour law

Administrative and labour courts

Employee and employer can enforce their claims that are based on labour relation. Statement of claim has to be submitted in 30 days following the statement of employer disclaimer. Financial compensations related to illegitimate termination of work contract is the most common reason for starting a lawsuit. 

Immigration and Asylum Office

National Employment Service

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