Job searching

Read out a useful booklet about the channels of job search edited by our coach expert.

How to start job searching?

Before you start looking for your new job, you will need to gather some information together including details and dates of your educational background, as well as your skills, and any volunteer or informal work experience you have.

When you start:

Create lists pertaining to your search. Your list should contain three items:

  1. everything you know (likely 10% of the total items)
  2. everything you think you know (likely 20% of the total items)
  3. everything you don’t know (likely 70% of the total items).

For example: I know i want to work in Hungary, i think i want to work in IT sector, i don’t know what organisations are hiding

Tips for Getting Hired?

Be Persistent. Wait a few days, then follow-up your application with a phone call to the hiring manager reiterating your interest.

Don’t Stop. Don’t apply at one place and wait for the phone to ring. Complete as many job applications as you can, and consider a variety of positions. The more you apply, the better chance you have of finding a job.

Be Flexible. Applicants who are only available for limited hours are less likely to get hired than those who are flexible as to when they can work

Use Your Connections. If you have a connection, use it.

Dress Appropriately

Don’t Give Up

Start Targeting.

Take what you think you know and target a couple of industries, organizations, and roles.


Set up job alerts from companies and roles that are of interest.

  1. Get Your Digital Profile and Draft Applications in Order
  2. Prepare your CV and create a cover letter template
  3. Focus on Social Media: Lot of companies and recruiters are now using these platforms to recruit and find top talent.


So get your profile up and running or clean it up.

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