The Weekly Food organization is a community of private persons on volunteer basis who are cooking for those in need. They are supported by private donations. The food they prepare they are dividing in Budapest 7th and 8th district. In the 7 district they are dividing food at Klauzál square, after preparing the donations for the dividing. At the 8th district department where they are mostly dealing with families are also welcoming volunteers. Every Sunday in the 7th and 8th district of Budapest nearly 400 people receive food for free, unfortunately these people live below poverty line. Anyone can help with a tray of cookies, and used clothes are to be distributed among them, and there are more member to join our volunteer group, in order to help people living below poverty line. Ones upon a time, in a day in January , the field was covered by snow and , and the volunteers helpers to wrap the cookies , here volunteers were called the people of AfroMag . The enthusiastic helpers also participated in distributing tea and food. In the forthcoming period, we would like to extend the cooperation of 5 to 6 participants once a month.